Sunday, April 28, 2013

                                142gr                                                               almond flour
                                170gr                                                               granulated sugar
                                43gr                                                                 cake flour
                                198gr (4)                                                          eggs
                                99gr (3 big)                                                      egg whites
                                43gr                                                                 melted butter
                                as preferred                                                     vanilla
                               Coffee syrup
                               115gr                                                                water
                               115gr                                                                granulated sugar
                               30ml                                                                 coffee liqueur
                               185ml                                                               strong brewed coffee
                               197gr                                                                bittersweet chocolate
                               197gr                                                                heavy cream
                               12ml                                                                 coffee liqueur
                               Coffee reduction
                               250ml                                                               water
                                         11/2    Tbs                                                            espresso instant coffee granules
                               183gr                                                                butter at room temperature
                               57gr                                                                  margarine 
                               58gr (2)                                                             egg whites at room temperature
                               82gr                                                                  sugar
                               42gr                                                                  corn syrup
                               29gr                                                                  water
                               25ml                                                                 coffee reduction
                               90gr                                                                  water
                               180gr                                                                sugar
                               118gr                                                                heavy cream
                               56gr                                                                 cocoa powder
                               8,4gr                                                                gelatin sheets
Start with the glaze by softening the gelatin in cold water. In a saucepan bring sugar, water and cream to a boil. Shift in the cocoa powder and when completely dissolved ( you can pass it through a strainer if needed ), bring the mixture back to boil and cook for about 4min whisking constantly. Remove from the heat and let it cool to 82C. Then stir in the softened gelatin, combine well, cover the saucepan with plastic film, let cool and keep refrigerated for at least 12h before use. For the joconde whisk the egg whites with 1/3 of the sugar to stiff peaks and transfer the meringue to a separate bowl. With the mixer still fitted with the whisk attachment beat the rest of the ingredients except for butter for a few minutes. Then fold in the melted butter and gradually add the meringue incorporating carefully not to deflate the mixture. Divide and spread the batter on two approximately 36x30cm sheet pans covered with parchment paper and bake at a preheated oven to 185C for 8-10min.
For the coffee reduction dissolve the coffee in water and boil until reduced to 1/5. Set aside to cool and prepare the syrup by combining water with sugar in a saucepan and boiling for about 1min. Let cool and then proceed with the ganache. Warm the heavy cream until hot, pure it over the chocolate and stir until smooth. Finally add the liqueur and refrigerate just until spreadable. For the buttercream mix margarine with butter until well combined and bring water with sugar and corn syrup to boil. When they reach 100C start whisking the egg whites. As soon as the temperature rises up to 115C, pour the syrup like a string between the whisk attachment and the bowl and into the egg whites while whisking at high speed. Continue until the meringue has cooled and gradually add the softened butter whisking after each addition.

In the meantime also incorporate the coffee reduction. When finished set aside and start assembling. First combine the previously prepared simple syrup with the coffee and liqueur. Then divide each joconde layer in half cutting alongside its smaller dimension and choose a piece as the bottom one. Moisten the bottom layer with the coffee syrup and spread half of the buttercream on top. Repeat the procedure for the second joconde layer but cover it with ganache using just as needed. Place the third, moistened joconde layer followed by the remaining buttercream portion and finish with the last joconde on top. Keep in fridge and meanwhile melt the glaze over low heat. As soon as it has cooled again to the right consistency to be pured over and spread without dripping from the sides, apply as much glaze as needed on top of the cake and return to fridge. Let it set there, trim up to 1cm from the sides if preferred and finally cut aproximately 32 pieces.

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