Sunday, May 5, 2013

                                 Savarin dough ( for 18 muffin tins )
                                 120gr                                                              milk
                                 5,5gr                                                              instant yeast
                                 300gr                                                              flour
                                 25gr                                                                sugar
                                 165gr                                                               egg
                                 40gr                                                                 coconut milk
                                 65gr                                                                 butter, room temperature
                                Savarin syrup
                                600gr                                                                 water
                                420gr                                                                 sugar
                                50gr                                                                   coconut liqueur
                               Coconut cream filling
                               40ml                                                                   coconut milk
                               30ml                                                                   coconut liqueur
                               5gr                                                                     gelatin sheets
                               160gr                                                                  heavy cream, whipped to soft peaks
                               160gr                                                                  coconut cream
                               50gr                                                                    sugar

                              Coconut ganache
                              100gr                                                                   chocolate
                              100gr                                                                   coconut cream
                              50 ml                                                                  apricot Jam
                              2 Tbs                                                                  water

It is better to start with the coconut cream, even a day in advance. Boil the coconut cream with the sugar for a minute and set aside to cool while soaking the gelatin in the milk and liqueur. When the cream is still hot, stir in the softened gelatin until dissolved and pour in the remaining liquids. Refrigerate until quite set to a creamy consistency and fold in the whipped cream. Keep in fridge until use. For the dough, warm the plain and coconut milk lightly and stir in the yeast until dissolved. In the bowl of a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment combine all the ingredients except of butter and mix for a few minutes. Then add gradually the butter to incorporate and keep beating until the dough is smooth, elastic and tends to separate from the sides of the bowl. At this point, let it rest covered in a warm environment until tripled in size. Meanwhile proceed with the ganache. Warm the coconut cream until hot, stir in the chocolate to melt and refrigerate.
After the fermentation time, punch down the dough and use a spatula and a spoon to portion it into individual forms such as muffin tins. Let them double in size in warm conditions and bake at a preheated oven to 180C for about 17-20min. Let cool and prepare the syrup by combining the water and sugar over heat. As soon as it boils, remove from heat, add the liqueur and soak in the savarins. Remember to completely moisten them with syrup -but not as much as to brake- and for that reason make holes on the bottom of each one with a fork. When finished, optionally trim the edges and if using cases like muffin tins get their bottom facing up and cut in half . Pipe some ganache in the center of each half and surround it by piped coconut cream. When finished with every savarin, replace their caps and brush them with glaze, made after warming the apricot jam with water. Finally refrigerate until cool and garnish as preferred.

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