Tuesday, March 19, 2013

                              Cream cheese roll
                              93gr                                                                    granulated sugar
                              4                                                                         egg whites
                              4                                                                         egg yolks
                              25g                                                                      butter
                              167g                                                                    cream cheese
                              67ml                                                                    fresh milk
                              40g                                                                      cake flour
                              13g                                                                      corn flour
                              1/2                                                                      vanilla pod

                              Lemon curd
                              100gr                                                                   lemon juice
                              163gr                                                                   granulated sugar
                              1 Tbs                                                                   lime zest
                              100gr                                                                   eggs
                              150gr                                                                   butter, room temperature

                              Italian meringue
                              3                                                                          egg whites
                             128gr                                                                    granulated sugar
                             64gr                                                                      light corn syrup
                             45gr                                                                      water

                             250gr                                                                     heavy cream
                             zest                                                                       from 1 lemon

For the lemon curd combine 50gr of the sugar with the juice and zest in a saucepan and bring to boil. In a metal bowl whisk the eggs with the rest of the sugar to homogenize and temper the mixture with one-quarter of the hot juice. Return to the heat and boil 1min whisking vigorously. Then let the curd come to room temperature and gradually add the butter, beating well after each addition until fully incorporated. Proceed with the cream cheese sponge and warm milk with butter, cream cheese and vanilla at low heat until just homogeneous. Given that the mixture is not too hot, combine it with the yolks and flours, mix well and pour it through a sheave to remove any lumps.
Start whisking the egg whites and gradually add the sugar after they become quite foamy. Whisk until stiff peaks and carefully fold the meringue in the yolk mixture in portions. Spread the batter on a paper lined 30x40cm pan and bake at 170C at start and later at 160C for about 30min or until light brown. Adjust the temperature while baking depending on the browning on top. When ready, let cool and separate from the bottom paper. For the meringue, heat the sugar with corn syrup and water and when they reach 100C start whisking the egg whites. When the temperature rises up to 115C, pour the syrup like a string between the whisk attachment and the bowl and into the egg whites while whisking at high speed.
Keep whisking at this speed for about a minute and then to medium until the meringue is cool. For the chantilly simply whip the heavy cream with the zest to stiff peaks and fold it in about half of the meringue. When the sponge has cooled, spread a thin layer of lemon curd on top followed by a layer of the previous mixture and roll lengthwise and tightly. Keep in fridge and well enfolded in parchment paper until set. Finally spread some of the remaining meringue on the surface and smooth it with a flexible plastic band dragged from the one side to the other. Optionally decorate with piped meringue and burn with a torch.   

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