Saturday, October 29, 2011

   Finally done and rewardingly tasty and soft, povitica from ''The gingered whisk''.

                        Yeast mixture
                        1Tbs                                  sugar
                        1tsp                                  flour
                        60ml                                 warm water
                        7gr                                   instant yeast

                        600gr+                               bread flour
                        240gr                                warm milk
                        85gr                                  sugar
                        60gr                                  melted butter
                        2                                      eggs
                       1tsp                                   salt

                       Pumpkin filling
                       250gr                                flour
                       1tsp                                  cinnamon
                       130gr                                butter, room temperature
                       300gr                                brown sugar
                       2                                      small eggs
                      320gr                                 pumpkin puree
                      as preferred                       vanilla

First prepare the yeast mixture stirring all the ingredients together and let it rest for about 10min. Then, in a seperate bowl, combine the dry dough ingredients and gradually add the eggs with milk, butter and yeast mixture. Stir and then knead the dough with an addition of flour -if necessary- until it can form a ball yet soft and quite sticky. Let the dough rest at warm temperature until doubled in size.

Aftrer the fermentation, punch down the dough and divide it in half so each portion can be made into a small loaf or a batch of 12 individual rolls. For the filling -in which pumpkin should already be baked at 190C for 50min and mashed-, beat butter with suggar and add the eggs. Stir in the puree and finally the rest of the ingredients adding optionally some more flour to make a thick spreadable paste.

For the individual bread, roll the dough until 7cm thick, spread the pumpkin filling and form it into a filled log. Using a thin string such as dental floss cut 12 slices and place them in paper-liner filled muffin tins. Let them gain quite more volume, brush optionally with egg wash and bake at a preheated oven to 190C for about 30min. Repeat the same procedure for the loaf, rolling the dough to a minimum thickness, filling and giving a longer fermentation time. Finally bake at 180C, reducing gradually to 160C for about 45min.


  1. Those Povitica muffins are adorable! Nice choice of filling, perfect for this season. :-D

  2. Your poviticas look exquisite!