Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Because of a current obsession with apple desserts and although more of them are to be tried, I've already discriminate this  particular one among the rest of its kind. However for those who dislike any crunchiness left in the baked apples I suggest sauteing the slices with 1-2Tbs of butter and for anyone unkeen of the apricot cream I could easilly recommend a fruit jam. Overall it's a great, almost too easy and quick dessert with components I repeatedly use.

                       Tart dough
                       1                                         portion pasta flora dough from ''Apple pasta flora'' post
                       790gr                                 granny smith and northern spy (net w.)apples                                 
                       75gr                                   melted butter
                       3                                        eggs
                       130gr                                  brown sugar
                       150gr                                  ground almonds
                       40gr                                    cornstarch
                       1/2tsp                                cannelle
                       as prefered                         vanille powder or extract
                       8-10Tbs                              apricot cream from ''Croissant'' post
First prepare the dough as described in previous post and chill until less soft for about 30min. Meanwhile, core, peal and slice the apples, tossing the slices in some lemon juice.

When finished, roll the dough on the bottom of a 24x20cm pan and return in fridge. Proceed with the almond filling by whisking the eggs with the sugar to thick ribbon stage (it doesn't matter if doesn't get that stiff, it may be the used type of sugar).

Fold the ground almond, cornstarch, butter, cannelle and vanille in the beaten eggs and spread the apricot cream on the bottom tart crust. Pour in the filling, tightly arrange the apple slices in rows and optionally sprinkle some additional sugar on top.

Finally bake at a preheated oven to 190C for about 50min, reducing gradually the temperature to the lowest point of 160C if the fruit on top starts to get burnt. Let the tart cool and maybe brush with some of the cream (or jam) or dust with powdered sugar.

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