Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick and easy pastry cream cake with quite dense texture, pretty concentrated flavor and a lot of chocolate.

                         Cake base
                         1 portion                                      olive oil cake from ''Mscarpone torte'' post
                         Pastry cream
                         300gr                                            milk
                         125gr                                            heavy cream
                         70gr                                              sugar
                         1                                                  egg
                         2                                                  big yolks
                         35gr                                             cornstarch
                         1/2                                              vanilla pod

                         Chocolate mousse
                         100gr                                           pastry cream
                         210 gr                                          chocolate
                         250gr                                           heavy cream
                         20gr                                             cognac

                        Vanilla chiboust cream
                        rest of the                                    pastry cream
                        4gr                                               gelatin leaves
                        100gr                                           heavy cream

                        150gr                                           chocolate
                        150gr                                           heavy cream
                        1tsp                                             glucose or honey

Starting with the pastry cream heat milk, cream, vanilla and some of the sugar in a saucepan, whisking separately the eggs, cornstarch and rest of the sugar together until homogenised. Soak the gelatin in a bowl with cold water and just before the milk starts to boil, pour one third of it in the beaten eggs whisking constantly. Return the mixture to heat and stir quickly with a whisker as the cream thickens. As soon as it boils remove from heat, separate the 100gr needed for the chocolate cream and stir the softened gelatin in the rest. 

While the cream cools, whip the heavy cream for both of the fillings together to soft peaks, keep it in fridge until used and prepare the oil cake. When the cake comes to room temperature cut it in two layers and place one of them on the bottom of a 20cm-diameter ring. Fold 100gr of the whipped cream in the portion of pastry cream with the added gelatin and use a whisk if the mixture is too stiff. Spread it on top of the bottom layer and cover it with the other one. Next melt the chocolate called for the filling in a bain marie and warm the cognac until hot.

Combine the cognac with the left 100gr of pastry cream and quickly whisk in the melted chocolate.Then fold in the remaining whipped cream and fill the ring to the top with the completed mousse. Refrigerate for an hour or until the cake has set and unmold. For the ganage heat the cream until hot and pour it over the chopped chocolate, or combine the two in the microwave oven. Stir well to get a shiny cream and glaze the cake with the ganage slightly cooled to achieve a wavy surface. Optionally decorate with soft chocolate curls or pipe the remaining fillings combined as garnish.

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