Sunday, August 12, 2012

                        Pistachio dacquoise
                        40gr                                                                    egg whites                 
                        40gr                                                                    granulated sugar      
                        18gr                                                                    almond flour
                        17gr                                                                    pistachio flour
                        5gr                                                                      cake flour
                        as preferred                                                        vanilla

                       Coconut and yogurt mousse
                       200gr                                                                   coconut cream
                       100gr                                                                   powdered sugar
                       130gr                                                                   strained yogurt
                       7gr                                                                      gelatin sheets, softened
                       300gr                                                                   heavy cream whipped to soft peaks

                       White chocolate and yogurt cream
                       90gr                                                                     white chocolate
                       90gr                                                                     strained yogurt
                       2,4gr                                                                    gelatin sheets
                       135gr                                                                   heavy cream, whipped to soft peaks
                      40gr                                                                      sugar
                      30gr                                                                      butter
                      50gr                                                                      hot coconut cream, heavy cream or puree
                      20gr                                                                      glucose
                      as preferred                                                          vanilla
                     100gr                                                                     coconut cream
                     50gr                                                                       milk
                     25gr                                                                       water
                     25gr                                                                       sugar
                     100gr                                                                     white chocolate
                     5gr                                                                        gelatin sheets, softened

                    Coconut spongecake
                    1/2                                                                        coconut spongecake
                    30gr                                                                      sugar
                    40gr                                                                      water

First prepare the white chocolate mousse by meting the chocolate and warming the yogurt at least to room temperature. Then heat a minimum amount of water or coconut cream just enough to dissolve in the gelatin and  when hot, add the softened in cold water gelatin sheets. Mix well with the melted chocolate, combine with the yogurt and finally fold in the whipped cream. Seal the bottom of a 20cm-diameter cake ring with plastic wrap, fill it with the mousse and keep in the freezer. Meanwhile prepare the caramel by heating and melting half of the sugar to brown color. Add the cream, butter, and then the rest of the ingredients and boil to 107C. Let cool and refrigerate until use.

coconut and white chocolate torte

For the dacquoise whisk the egg whites with the sugar until stiff, shift in the dry ingredients, fold gently, spread on a 17-20cm-diameter circle on parchment paper and bake at a preheated oven to 180C for about 15min until golden on top. Let cool and optionally trim any protruding edges. Starting with the coconut mousse, mix yogurt with the sugar and then heat some of the coconut cream until hot to dissolve in the softened gelatin. When the gelatin has completely melted, combine with the rest of the cream and yogurt and freeze for a while the mixture until it quite sets and is easily folded into the whipped cream. When ready, start assembling the cake. Remove the frozen mousse from the cake ring (keep it in the freezer), place the dacquoise on the bottom and cover with the first layer of coconut mousse.

Freeze and meanwhile prepare the syrup for the coconut spongecake by bringing water with sugar to boil. Let cool and then place the spongecake over the coconut mousse moistening with the syrup. Pour some more of the coconut filling over it, place the frozen mousse layer on top and cover it with the caramel where you may add chopped pistachios or coconut flakes. Keep in the freezer and prepare the glacage. Combine the sugar, water and milk in a saucepan warming until hot, dissolve in the gelatin, melt in the chocolate and  cool it down adding the coconut cream. At this point return to the cake and finish with the last layer of coconut mousse on top. Freeze again until completely set and meanwhile keep the glacage at room temperature. When set, cover with the glaze, garnish with ground pistachios and refrigerate. 

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