Monday, February 13, 2012

                         Pate sablee
                         200gr                                                     flour
                         110gr                                                     butter
                         70gr                                                       powdered sugar
                         1                                                            small egg
                         as preferred                                           vanilla extract                                           

                         Chocolate filling
                         300gr                                                     chocolate
                         160gr                                                     light cream
                         50gr                                                       granulated sugar
                         30gr                                                       cointreau
                         2                                                            eggs

                         Orange cream
                         400gr                                                      orange juice
                         50gr                                                        yolks
                         1                                                             big egg
                         50gr                                                        granulated sugar
                         45gr                                                        butter
                         5gr                                                          gelatin, softened in cold water
                         1                                                             orange (zest)

For the tart crust beat butter with sugar until creamy, add the eggs with vanilla and whip to combine. Mix in the flour without much kneading, just until the dough comes together, and refridgerate for an hour. Then roll the dough with some flour and cover the bottom of a 24cm-diameter tart tin. Place a piece of aluminum foil on top, fill it with beans or rice and bake at a preheated oven to 180C for about 20min.

Meanwhile prepare the first filling by melting chocolate with the hot cream or by heating them in the microwave. Give a quick whisk to the eggs and mix the rest of the ingredients together. When the time comes, remove the half-baked crust from the oven taking off its bean topping and pour in the chocolate mixture. Cntinue baking at 170C for another 20min and set aside. In order to make the orange cream, follow a method similar to making creme anglaise and slightly whisk the eggs with the sugar.

Heat the juice with the zest until hot, and before it boils, temper with the half of it the egg mixture. Return to heat and stir continueously watching the temperature with a candy thermometer. As soon as it reaches 85C remove from heat, disolve in the gelatin and add the butter. Set aside until cool and then pour it over the chocolate. Finally refridgerate for a couple of hours or more and optionally serve with a caramelized sugar top.

chocolate and orange tart


  1. Ahoj, dneska jsem náhodně narazila na tvůj blog a tenhle recept je úplně úchvatný:-) Zbožňuju kombinaci pomeranč a čokoláda. Tenhle týden mám v plánu na pečení něco jiného, ale ten další se do tohot skvostného dezertu pustím:-)

  2. Thank you very much for the comment and I'd be glad to know how it went if you'd ever try it :)

  3. Sorry, next time all my comments will be writen in English:-)


  4. Hi, so finally i tried the cake and i have couple of questions, if you dont mind;-)
    I did not fully understand the last part - the work with juice. Heat the juice and before it boils, temper with the half of it the egg mixture. Ok, but what with the second half? I used all the juice at once, just next time there is need to use more gelatine. If you could describe it somehow for the less understanding ( = me:-) thanks a lot.
    And last point. I used 86% chocolate and i found the chocolate base quite tough. Maybe next time i will use just 70% chocolate, a bit more of cream and maybe shorter time in the oven, do you think it will help?
    In spite of all my complications and questions, the desert was great, third day was the best, all the chocolate and orange tastes completely mixed together and my state of mind was very close to heaven;-)
    Thanks for the recipe:-)

    1. First thanks so much for the feedback and I'm glad to answer any questions :). As for the orange cream I was actually not quite descriptive in my explanation since I thought it to be a very standard technique used for creme anglaise. So ''returning to heat'' as I write means combining the orange-yolk mixture with the rest of the juice in the saucepan and heating until it thickens at 85C without boiling. However I guess that adding the whole juice at once as you did wouldn't necessarily change the outcome and so I couldn't say that this was the reason for the cream to turn out more runny. Having said that, I can't exclude an inaccuracy at the written gelatin amount or the way you measured (sometimes measuring is inaccurate at such low weights)or softened it (should be done in cold water for as few as 5 minutes). As for the other filling it is quite important to use a 50-55% couvertoure unless a certain cocoa percentage is asked. So in this case I would suggest a 50% percentage. I hope that these issues didn't cause trouble when cutting the tart and I'm really pleased to hear that you had success with the flavors and enjoyed it.
      P.S. With almost no exeptions all the refrigerated desserts are best eaten not quite fresh ;)