Wednesday, December 14, 2011

                          105gr                                                       whites
                           50gr                                                        granulated sugar
                           70gr                                                        almonds
                           40gr                                                        powdered sugar
                           15gr                                                        corn flour
                           10gr                                                        flour

                           Coffee bavaroise
                           290gr                                                      milk
                           125gr                                                      heavy cream
                           125gr                                                      heavy cream whipped to soft peaks
                            70gr                                                       coffee beans coarsely chopped
                            85gr                                                       granulated sugar
                            5                                                            yolks
                            8gr                                                         gelatin leaves

                           Praline bavaroise
                           130gr                                                      milk
                           130gr                                                      heavy cream
                           3gr                                                         yolks
                           25gr                                                       sugar
                           4gr                                                         gelatin leaves
                           250gr                                                      gianduja
                           195gr                                                      heavy cream whipped to soft peaks
                           as preferred                                            caramelized and chopped hazelnuts 

                           Cocoa glaze
                           65gr                                                        water
                           40gr                                                        cocoa
                           130gr                                                      sugar
                           85gr                                                        heavy cream
                           6gr                                                          gelatin sheats
                           as preferred                                            vanilla                        

The directions for the glaze are given in the ''Orange and chocolate -coffee torte'' and the cocoa gelee can be made much time in advance and kept refridgerated. Start with the dacquoise by shifting the flours and powdered sugar together. Beat the whites with the sugar until stiff and fold in the dry ingredients stirring gently with a spatula. Spread two 20cm-diameter circles of batter on parchement paper or silpat and bake at a preheated oven to 180C for 10-15min until the cake is lightly golden and springs back when touched. Set aside and prepare the coffee filling by warming milk with the first portion of heavy cream and the coffee beans in a saucepan. As soon as it boils remove from heat, pour it through a strainer to completely remove any coffee remainings and add some milk if necessary to get the 415gr of the mixture you began with. 

coffee and praline torte

Then return it to heat, put the gelatin in cold water to soften and in a separate bowl whisk the yolks with sugar until just foamy. Before the milk starts boiling, temper with it the yolks whisking constantly and combine the mixtures in the saucepan over medium heat. Keep stirring and watch the rising temperature with a candy thermometer so that it doesn't exceed 85C. At this point where the cream has thicken, remove from heat, dissolve in the gelatin and set aside to cool. Meanwhile you can whip both the cream portions asked for each filling to soft peaks and keep in fridge. Proceed with the praline filling following the same procedure (as for anglaise) with milk, cream, sugar and eggs with the exception that you add the gianduja after incorporating the gelatin.

When both of the creams are just lukewarm, stir in the whipped cream and start constracting the cake. Place on the bottom of a 20cm-diameter ring the one dacquoise layer and spread half of the praline cream over it. Just drop the chopped hazelnuts on top and cover with the other cake layer. Fill with coffee bavaroise (you may keep some out) and finish with the rest of the praline cream. In order to avoid mixing of the two fillings or to have the one layer as a central piece (in this case of color contranst it won't really make a difference) , you can first put the coffee cream in a smaller form and chill it until just set. When you are done with the layers, chill the whole cake or refridgerate overnight and get the glaze ready to use either warming or cooling it to a slightly warm temperature. Then poure it at its proper consistency over the torte and refridgerate before decorating or serving.

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