Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One of the favourite classics, slightly changed with chocolate chantilly and sour cherries but still characterized by the distinctive Krsch flavor.
         Cocoa genoise
         125gr                                    cake flour
         125gr                                    granulated sugar
         5                                          eggs
         20gr                                     cocoa powder
         as preferred                         vanilla powder
        Chocolate chantilly
        250gr                                     couverture
        250gr                                     heavy cream
        125gr                                     milk
        100gr                                      drained, compote sour cherries
        1Tbs                                      Kirsch

        100gr                                    water
        100gr                                    sugar
        60-80gr                                 Krsch (as prefered)
Finally 240gr heavy cream, 2Tbs powdered sugar, fresh cherries and chocolate flakes for decoration.

At first, preheat the oven to 180C (air) and shift flour, vanilla and cocoa together. Whip the eggs with sugar at high speed untill they whiten and form thick ribbon. Fold carefully the flour mixture into the beaten eggs using a rubber spatula to incorporate the dry ingredients without overmixing and deflating the foam. Fill a 20cm-diameter ring with foil on bottom ,bake for aproximately 27min and let cool. For the mousse, warm the milk and use it to melt chopped chocolate. Let the mixture reach room temperature and whip the cold cream to soft peaks untill it has a yogurt-like consistency. Fold cream into chocolate with a spatula -without overmixing- and refrigerate untill set. Soak cherries in a small amount of their can syrup and add the Kirsch. To prepare the sugar syrup, bring water and sugar to boil for 2min set aside to cool and add Kirsch. Proceeding with genoise, cut the cake in layers (a properly baked and puffy genoise gives 4 layers) and start constructing the torte in a 20cm-diameter ring.

 Moisten the first layer with syrup and cover with a small amount of mousse and plenty of cherries. Continue with the rest of the chantilly untill all layers are used. Freeze for an hour and remove the ring.

Whip the decorating cream and sugar to chantilly and cover with it top and sides of the cake forming any shape you prefer. Finish with the cherries and flakes.

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  1. it looks as it came out from a top class pastry shop.