Sunday, June 20, 2010

More like a coffee cake, this pie has a soft texture and quite moist dough. For the filling I often use a thickened applesauce that can easily be substituted by any kind of jam.

               320gr                   self raising flour
               50gr                     almond flour
               50gr                     hazelnuts
               140gr                   butter
               100gr                   powdered sugar
               50gr                    milk
               1                        egg
             400gr                    granny smith apples
             400gr plus 3Tbs      apple juice
             80gr                     granulated sugar
             1/2                      lemon (juice and rind)
             20gr                     corn flour
             as preffered         cinnamon
Starting with the filling, peel and cut the apples to small cubes adding some of the lemon juice.Warm the apple juice in a saucepan with cinnamon, rind and the rest of the lemon juice and dissolve corn flour with the 3Tbs in a cup. Pour the content of the cup in the saucepan and let the mixture boil for 2min. Add the apples and let them boil for 8min until they have softened but not dissolved. Refrigerate the filling in a jar untill set. For the cake beat and cream butter with 80gr of the sugar. Powder hazelnuts with almond and 20gr sugar until a thick paste forms (as shown in the image below). Continue whipping the butter adding the nut paste. Blend in half of the needed flour and the milk, whip the egg white with a tsp of caster sugar to meringue and fold it to the mixture. Add the rest of the flour, homogenise gently,wrap the dough in plastic and refrigerate for at least an hour.

To finish, preheat the oven to 180C and cover the bottom of a 20cm-diametre ring with half of the dough. Sread the filling on top, cover with dough strips, apply egg wash using the remaining egg yolk and bake for 35min.

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