Monday, April 21, 2014

                                    Pastry cream
                                    180gr                                                     cake flour    
                                    300gr                                                     sugar
                                    1,5lt                                                      milk
                                    9                                                           eggs
                                    as preferred                                          vanilla
                                    45gr                                                      butter
                                    750gr                                                    heavy cream
                                    150gr                                                    sliced almonds, baked
                                    450gr                                                    kataifi      
                                    150gr                                                    butter, melted       
                                    100gr                                                    almonds, coarsely chopped
                                    450gr                                                    sugar       
                                    450gr                                                    water
                                    2 lemons                                               zest
                                    Orange sauce
                                    150gr                                                    orange juice
                                    150gr                                                    sugar with pectin
First comb and shred the kataifi mixing it with the chopped almonds. Evenly spread it in a 35x30cm pan and pour over it the melted butter. Bake in a preheated oven at 160-170C for 20min, turn the half-baked kataifi upside down cutting in quarters if needed and resume baking for another 20min until golden brown. Let it cool to room temperature and prepare the syrup by bringing water with sugar and zest to a boil for 1min. Pour the boiling hot syrup over the kataifi and let it soak. For the pastry cream heat the milk with the vanilla and whisk the eggs with flour and sugar in a separate bowl until homogeneous.
ekmek kataifi

Temper the egg mixture with 1/3 of the hot milk whisking continuously and combine it with the rest of the milk over heat. Keep stirring until the cream boils and remove from heat. Stir in the butter until completely dissolved and pour the cream over the kataifi covering the top with plastic wrap. Let cool and refrigerate preferably overnight. Whisk the heavy cream to chantilly and evenly spread the 500gr over the cream keeping the rest for piping half of the 16 pieces. As a variation decorate the rest with sliced almonds and serve with the orange sauce made by boiling the juice with sugar.

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