Monday, July 15, 2013

                                   For 27 madeleines 30ml each 
                                   150gr                                                      cake flour
                                   150gr                                                      butter, melted
                                   150gr                                                      sugar
                                   165gr                                                      eggs
                                   1,5tsp                                                     lemon zest
                                   1tsp                                                        lemon juice
                                   0,5tsp                                                     baking powder
Bring in a saucepan some water to boil and remove from heat. Quickly cover the top of the saucepan with a metal bowl that doesn't touch the water's surface and combine the eggs, sugar and lemon zest in. Whisk the mixture with a hand mixer to 37C until thick and pale and then gradually shift and fold in with a spatula the flour and baking powder.
Before completely incorporating add in the butter and continue folding until homogenous but not deflated. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate preferably overnight or at least one hour until the batter has set. When ready, pipe the batter in 6cm x 4.9 cm x 1.9 cm madeleine -silicon or buttered and floured metalic- moulds without filling completely and bake at 190C (convection) for about 15min and until golden with a small bump on top. Finally unmold, let cool anf dust with powdered sugar.

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