Saturday, December 22, 2012

                             Chocolate cake
                             1                                                                     cocoa genoise
                             Chocolate rum mousse
                             225gr                                                              chocolate
                             300ml                                                             heavy cream
                             30ml                                                               rum
                             3                                                                    egg whites
                             110gr                                                              light corn syrup
                             220gr                                                              water
                             150gr                                                              granulated sugar
                             30gr                                                                rum
First prepare the syrup simply by bringing the water with sugar to boil for 2min. Let cool and keep the rum from adding it until use. Continue with the genoise as explained in the linked post and cut it to 3-5 layers depending on the volume it has gained and the thickness you can achieve. Set aside and start melting the chocolate in a bain marie. Meanwhile boil the corn syrup in a small saucepan and simultaneously start whisking the egg whites to meringue. As soon as they get quite foamy but not stiff, pour in the hot syrup in a string while whisking at high speed. When the meringue is set and cooled down, stop whisking, transfer it in a separate bowl and whip the heavy cream with the rum at high speed to soft peaks. When the chocolate has completely melted and is quite lukewarm, fold it into the meringue with gentle and quick movements so that it is incorporated before getting set. At last fold in the whipped cream and use immediately for filling. For the assembling, brush generously each genoise layer with the syrup one after another while spreading equal portions of mousse in between. For that purpose use a 20cm-diameter ring where the cake should be kept refrigerated preferably overnight. Finally unmold and shift cocoa powder on top. Optionally decorate with syrup moistened genoise leftovers.

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