Saturday, August 20, 2011

      Soft chocolate cookie
     300gr                                                              couverture
     60gr                                                                olive oil
     100gr                                                              milk
     70gr                                                                powdered sugar
     2                                                                     eggs, room temperature
     250gr                                                              cake flour
     1/2tsp                                                             baking powder
     as preferred                                                    vanilla powder

     Coffee parfait
     100gr                                                              granulated sugar
     22gr                                                                glucose
     3                                                                     yolks
     55gr                                                                water
     4gr                                                                  sheet gelatin, softened in cold water
     10gr                                                                tia maria, other coffee liquor or rum
     5gr                                                                  instant coffee
     360gr                                                               heavy cream whipped to soft peaks
     65gr                                                                 chocolate shavings

For the biscuit, warm milk untill hot and pour it over the couverture and oil. Stir until the chocolate has melted and use a bain marie if necessary to get the mixture completely homogenised. Add the eggs, shift the dry ingredients together and combine the flour with the chocolate mixture into a sticky batter. Spread the batter on a covered with parchment paper bottom of a 34x28cm (or bigger) pan and cover it completely with another sheet of paper straightening its surface. Bake at a preheated oven to 180C for 12min and let cool.

Meanwhile prepare the parfait by boiling in a saucepan the glucose with 80gr of the sugar and 45gr water. A few minutes before the syrup reaches 116C start whisking the yolks in the bowl of a stand mixer. As soon as the syrup reaches that point, pour it in a string into the foamed yolks ,while still whisking, and return the saucepan to heat after filling it with a small amount of water. Let the water take a quick boil, remove from heat and dissolve in the softened gelatin. With the mixer working, add the mixture in the yolks and keep whisking until they cool down. Then combine the rest of the water and sugar with the coffee and liquor, add them too, and finally fold in the whipped cream. Freeze the mousse as it is until quite set and stir in the chocolate shavings. 

Mold the parfait in a 17x28cm rectangle form (use plastic wrap if necessary) and freeze for a few hours. Then unmold and place it on the half of the cookie plate (it should be warm enough at the sides to stick to the cookie) using the other half as a cover. Freeze again and cut the sandwich into individual icecream bars.

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