Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This month's DB challenge gave me the opportunity to try something I always wanted to tackle but hesitated to go through its frying process. Since I won't be able to make and consume another batch of doughnuts anytime soon, I thought it would be interesting to try different recipes and technics at once, giving both baked and fried doughnuts a shot. For the fried ones I used an oranged flavored cake batter and for the baked ones a matcha and yeast raised dough. Coated with a cocoa butter frosting, the first were delicious, moist and soft with a distinct orange smell. However the baked ones were not too bad, but just not doughnuts. In addition, the matcha dough didn't raised in time or to the propper volume, and as every simple bun that is baked in the oven, it dried more and sooner. For that reason, I have made changes to the yeast quantity I give, and I highly recomend that you fry your doughnuts to highlight their flavor.
            Orange cake doughnuts
            90gr                                                   granulated sugar
            3gr                                                    salt
           100g                                                   bread flour
            300gr                                                 cake flour
            35gr                                                   butter
            1                                                       egg
            18gr                                                   milk powder
            200gr                                                 orange juice
            16gr                                                   baking powder
            1 Tbsp                                                orange zest
            Cocoa fudge
            50gr                                                   butter at room temperature
            50gr                                                   cocoa powder
            33gr                                                   glucose or corn syrup
            33gr                                                   warm water
            60gr                                                   powdered sugar 
            as desired                                           vanilla powder

Start with beating butter and sugar until smooth and then add the egg and salt, creaming well the mixture with the paddle attachment. Shift in the flour with baking powder and mix in the orange juice after you disolve the milk powder in it . Beat the batter just until combined (add some flour if needed, to get a workable yet very soft mixture). Roll the batter on a floured surface giving it a 1,5cm thickness and cut 9cm-diametre circles with holes. Let them rest for about 15min and fry them in a medium saucepan filled with oil (I use olive oil) at least 4cm deep. The doughnuts should come to the surface after being immersed in the oil and start to form a golden crust on their bottom side. Check them by lightly lifting them with a slotted spoon and when they start to get light brown turn them over and cook for about another minute. When done, remove them with the spoon and place them on some kitchen paper to get rid of the excess greasiness. For the frosting, beat butter and cocoa with a spatula until a thick paste forms. Beat in the corn syrup until fully incorporated and then mix in the water. At last, shift in the sugar with vanilla, beat the mixture until light and shinny and cover your cooled doughnuts. You may need more or less powder sugar for the cocoa fudge depending on sweetness you want.

       Matcha yeast doughnuts
       80gr                                                  sugar
       7gr                                                    salt
       420gr                                                 bread flour
       23gr                                                   milk powder
       45gr                                                   butter at room temperature
       75gr                                                   eggs
       45ml                                                  buttermilk
       10gr                                                   instant yeast
       117gr                                                 warm (not hot) water
       4tsp                                                   matcha tea
       as desired                                          vanilla powder
       1 cup                                                 apricot marmelade (optional)

Combine butter with the dry ingredients except yeast in a bowl of a mixer fitted with the dough hook. Then lightly beat the eggs with buttermilk and add them to the dry mixture. Dissolve the yeast in the water and poure it in the batter mixing on low speed for 2 to 3min. Scrape down the bowl and keep kneading at medium speed for about 6 more minutes until you have a smooth and elastic dough. Ferment the dough until doubled (you can use a lightly warmed oven) and then roll it out on a floured surface, into a 1,5cm thick rectangle. Cut out 7cm-diametre circles and let them increase 75% more in volume. Then fry the doughnuts as directed previously, make a hole with a skewer in each one and use a pastry bag to fill them with marmelade. To pass the jam easily through the pastry tip, you can smoothen it with a hand blender. Finally, dust with some powdered sugar. 


  1. WOW what a great posting I like the colour of the green tea ones but the chocolate ones are superb I love the glaze it looks so tasty and delicious. Great work on this challenge. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

  2. Those are very interesting flavors, and they look great too!

  3. Doughnuts with orange zest - what a delicious idea! I will certainly try putting citrus zest in a future batch of my own doughnuts! Well done!

  4. Such lovely flavours. Glad you decided to do this challenge. I especially love now thick your chocolate glaze is.

  5. lovely doughnuts! :) especially the ones with the chocolate glaze. looks yummmy! :P

  6. That looks amazing very special :) Great!
    Unfortunately, Matcha is very unusual here