Saturday, August 14, 2010

Since I enjoy making tortes more than any other dessert, I could not skip making my birthday cake, in which I omitted chocolate and combined two of my favorite ingredients : raspberry and lime. However, lime curd can easily be substituted by chocolate ganache from previous recipe ''Mascarpone torte''.
         Almond genoise
       70gr                                     almond paste
       142gr                                   granulated sugar
       16gr (1)                                yolk
       308gr (6)                              eggs
       190gr                                   flour, shifted
       60gr                                     butter, melted
       as preferred                         vanilla powder                          

      Lime curd
      65gr                                      lime juice
      106gr                                    granulated sugar
      1 tsp                                     lime zest
      65gr                                      eggs
      98gr                                      butter, room temperature

      Raspberry mousse
      400gr                                    raspberry puree
      25ml                                     raspberry liquer
      160gr                                    granulated sugar
      15gr                                      glucose or corn syrup
      50ml                                     water
      85gr                                      egg whites
      8gr                                        softened gelatin
      270ml                                    heavy cream, whipped to soft peaks and refrigerated

      Glaze and syrup
      172gr                                   water
      172gr                                   sugar
      275ml                                  raspberry puree
      4gr                                      softened gelatin

For the genoise, beat with the paddle attachment almond paste and sugar, rubbing with your fingers if necessary to achieve a homogenous mixture. Add the egg yolk and when it's fully incorporated, change the paddle with the whip attachment and whip the mixture with the rest of the eggs and vanilla. Keep whipping until fluffy for about 15min at medium speed ( do not whip further if the eggs have reached their maximum volume ). Then fold in the flour carefully and transfer one-eighth of the batter in a separate bowl. Mix the small batter quantity with the melted butter and gently combine it with the rest of the mixture. Bake the cake in a buttered 24x15cm pan, with the oven preheated to 180-190C for 26-28min. If you prefer another pan size, simply multiply the quotient ''pan's bottom surface in sq cm''/360 with each ingredient quantity, not only for the genoise.

 Continue with lime curd. Combine 50gr of the sugar with the juice and zest in a saucepan and bring to boil. In a metal bowl whisk the eggs with the rest of the sugar to homogenize and temper the mixture with one-quarter of the hot juice. Return to the heat and boil 1min whisking vigorously. If your egg whites are cooked and curdled (like mine) pass the cream through a strainer for a smoother result. Let the curd come to room temperature and gradually add the butter, beating well after each addition until fully incorporated.
For the syrup, boil sugar and water for 1min. Transfer 100ml in separate metal pot and while it is still hot, stir in the gelatin to disolve. Add 50ml of the puree to make the glaze and set aside to cool. Combine the rest of the puree with the remaining syrup. With a flat knife cut three layers of the genoise and place one in a bottomless 24x15cm cake form. When the syrup has cooled, use it to moisten the genoise layer and spread half of the curd on top. Cover with the second layer, brush with syrup and spread the remaining curd. Finish with the last, moistened layer and refrigerate. 

 To make the mousse warm one-fifth of the puree until hot , stir in the liquer and gelatin to disolve and combine with the rest of puree. Then prepare a meringue with egg whites, sugar and glucose as described in the ''Kirsch torte'' recipe, fold in it one-quarter of the puree and at last the whole quantity. Add the whipped cream gently, cover the last genoise layer with the mousse and freeze until hard. Finally, pour (or spread if refrigerated ) the glaze over the mousse , chill untill set and garnish with white chocolate decorations. 


  1. Oh my god, your torte looks amazing!! I love the colours. And your pictures are so bright and fresh. Love it!

  2. This is so beautiful! I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough to tackle something so ambitious but the result is stunning.