Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For those who can appreciate a non chocolate cake, this torte is rich in flavor and quietly aromatic. Genoise, mousse and meringue give a less dense texture that makes a second piece easy to eat...

              240gr (5)                           eggs
              120gr                                granulated sugar
              135gr                                cake flour, shifted
              as desired                         vanilla extract

              55gr                                  bread flour
              44gr                                  cornstarch
              77gr (4 small)                     egg yolks
              132gr (4)                           egg whites
              82 gr                                 granulated sugar
              as preferred                      vanilla extract
              as needed                         powdered sugar

             30ml                                  Kirsch
             170gr                                 water
             170gr                                 granulated sugar

             Pastry cream
             430ml                                milk
             96gr                                  granulated sugar
             77gr (4 small)                     egg yolks
             32gr                                  cornstarch
             25gr                                  butter
             1/2                                   vanilla pod

             Kirsch mousse
             480gr                                pastry cream
             52ml                                 Kirsch
             15gr                                  sheet gelatin, softened in cold water 
             500ml                                heavy cream, whipped to soft peaks
             1 cup                                raspberries

            Italian meringue
            60gr (2)                             egg whites
            97gr                                  granulated sugar
            15gr                                  glocuse or corn syrup
            23gr                                  water

I think the best way is to start with the genoise. Whisk the eggs and sugar in a bowl placed over a bain marie ( do not cook the eggs) untill warm (approximately 45C ). Attach the bowl to a mixer and whip at medium speed for 8-10min until the mixture is cool, pale and forms thick ribbons. Fold in carefully with a spatula the flour (do not deflate the batter) and pour the batter into a 20cm-diametre greased pan. Bake at preheated oven to 190C for 20min untill light brown. When done, let cool at room temperature before cutting. From the whole cake i suggest using two layers, one thick and one thinner. Continue with the pastry cream by warming the milk with 2/3 of the sugar and vanilla in a small saucepan. Meanwhile whisk the yolks with rest of the sugar and add the cornstarch until fully incorporated. When the milk comes to boil, temper the yolk mixture with 1/4 of it and pour it back to the pan whisking vigorously until the cream has boiled . Remove the vanilla pod and fold in the butter untill melted. Let the cream cool covering with plastic wrap if necessary.

For the ladyfingers, shift flour and cornstarch together. Whip the yolks with vanilla and 8gr sugar until thick and simultaneously whip in another bowl the egg whites with the rest of sugar to stiff peaks. With a spatula fold the yolk mixture into the whites until partially combined and gently incorporate the flour ( do not overmix, fold with care). Pipe 10cm long batter sticks in two rows and onto a silicone mat or paper-lined pan. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and bake at a preheated oven to 200C for 10min. As long as the ladyfinger bands are quite flexible, use them to line a 24m-diametre cake pan.

To make the syrup, simply boil water and sugar for 2min, let cool and stir in the Kirsch. Use the syrup to moisten the ladyfingers and the bottom, thick layer of genoise (placed between the ladyfingers). Cover it with raspberries. As for the mousse, bring Kirsch to a simmer, remove from the heat and add the softened gelatin sheets. Stir until dissolved and whisk it in the pastry cream. When no lumps remain, fold in the whipped cream and pour half of the mixture over the genoise base. Continue with the second cake layer on top of the mousse. Moisten it with syrup and cover again with the rest of the filling. Freeze the cake until set.

For the Italian meringue heat water with 89gr of sugar. When it reaches 100C (or when it starts boiling) whip the egg whites in a mixer adding gradually the rest of the sugar. At the point that the syrup has reached 120C, remove from heat and quickly pour it like a stream between the the sides of the bowl and beater of the mixer and into the whipping whites. When the mixture is fully incorporated , turn the mixer at high speed for a minute and then keep whipping at medium speed until meringue is cool. Pipe or spread it on top of the cake and burn with the torch.


  1. Love this cake... I can imagine it being smooth and silky and light! Beautiful summer dessert!

  2. Very tasty dessert indeed. I wish I had fresh raspberries to make a decent layer...Here are only frozen available.

  3. I juts found your blog and it's beautiful. Your desserts are simply amazing.