Tuesday, June 29, 2010

 In this version phyllo dough is used to minimize preparation time and ensure flakiness. It can also be combined with yogurt ice cream or a spoonfull of crème anglaise and it's preferably served warm.  
     360gr (net weight)                         Granny smith apples                         
     1/2                                               lemon (juice)
     120gr                                            granulated sugar
     30gr                                              raisins
     1/2 Tbs                                         orange zest
     56gr                                              melted butter
     15gr                                              hazelnuts, ground
     6 sheets                                        phyllo dough

Sink the raisins in hot water or juice of an orange and let them swell until soft. Slice the apples, cut them in pieces and toss them with lemon juice and half of the sugar in a bowl. Let them stand for 30min and drain off the liquid that forms. At this point, the recipe calls for adding the rest of ingredients. However if you want to ensure that the apples are not crunchy after baking, cook them alone in a saucepan until soft and pale. Continue combining them with raisins, rest of sugar, orange zest and if you want to amplify the flavor, add 2-3 Tbs of apricot jam. Prepare the phyllo dough by laying one sheet on a piece of parchment paper. Brush with melted butter and cover with the second sheet. Follow the same proccess until all the sheets are used, sprinkling on top of each buttered sheet 1/5 of the hazelnuts. Place the apple mixture along the sort edge of the dough and use the paper on bottom to roll the sheets around the filling. Brush the surface with butter and bake at 190C until golden brown for about 30min.

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